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Atlanta Falcons Team Anthem: How Does The ATL Keep Screwing This Up?

SB Nation's Bill Hanstock has a few timely suggestions for NFL team-specific musical anthems, as the league is partnering with Pepsi to "create" songs for certain clubs. That's the kind of organic process of artistry sure to cull up a fearsome amount of unpalatable crap, so Bill gave his suggestions in advance, and regarding the Atlanta Falcons, we'll do the same.

Here's Bill's offerings for the Falcons:

Atlanta Falcons

Going with the no-brainer here -- Usher can just fire up the hit machine and pump out "Confessions Part Whatever." Then he and the Falcons can sit back and watch the money roll in, until they're bounced out in the first round of the playoffs.

Hey, don't shoot the messenger, Atlanta. Y'all have made "early exit from the postseason" into a danged art form.

While our pal Bill has his tongue planted firmly in cheek, you at least have to respect Usher for popularizing the "Peace Up, A-Town Down" sign in his "Yeah" music video. But all kidding aside, it's beyond embarassing that the Falcons can't sport some kind of agreed-upon anthem in a city as musically rich as Atlanta. (Not to mention the gross insult to injury the turncoat "native" Ying Yang Twins provided when they gave the New Orleans Saints that franchise's undisputed game day and celebration anthem).

Why OutKast hasn't reunited to solve this injustice immediately is beyond us. We'd prefer the authoritative ATLien voice on this matter, but at this point it doesn't matter - somebody needs to step up on the local level. We're looking at you, Manchester Orchestra or Black Lips, but it would make a hell of a lot more sense if a hip-hop community responsible for so much of the national and worldwide hip-hop offerings would get to cracking.

These things have to evolve somewhat organically. That's the difference between a pride-inducing "tradition" and a crappy marketing ploy (sorry Sevendust, but we know you could've done so much better).

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