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UGA Football: Merritt Hall Secure As Top Fullback

Redshirt freshman Merritt Hall has appeared to secure the top fullback spot for Georgia. The former walk-on has performed well enough at practice to surpass incumbent fullback Alexander Ogletree.

Bulldogs running backs coach Bryan McClendon echoes these sentiments, but is aware that Hall cannot shoulder the load on his own. That's why he has Quayvon Hicks and Richard Samuel available to rotate in.

Right now it's pretty much status quo. Merritt's still a solid No. 1 with Quayvon [Hicks] and Richard [Samuel] both rolling in there as well. You've got to play more than one of those guys as well with the amount of pounding that they do in games week in and week out.

Ogletree has been absent from most of the first and second team drills at practice, though McClendon says that he has still been working to get ready for the season.

He's been working in there. The thing is, some of those guys just came in and worked ahead of them a little bit.

The Bulldogs open their season on September 1 against the Buffalo Bulls.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.