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Hutson Mason Unsure About Current Quarterback Situation

Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Hutson Mason is in an odd spot. The junior signal caller from Marietta, Ga. seriously considered transferring after seeing no time on the field behind starter Aaron Murray, but after making a decision to remain in Athens, Mason wants to redshirt this season in order to assume the starter's role should Murray decide to make the leap to the NFL next year.

The main issue, however, is Mason is more experienced at the position than his backup, redshirt freshman Christian LeMay. Should Murray get hurt this season, Mason's number will be called. If he does play, he forfeits his redshirt year, even if the injury is minor.

According to a report, Mason is weighing all options and is hoping Murray can remain healthy:

"When anybody gets hurt, you've gotta figure out how long they're gonna be hurt for. If my number gets called on in any way, like from day one here, I'm here to help the team to win. So continue to just hope and pray that Murray stays healthy, and we don't have to cross that bridge."

"That's the most difficult part of the situation, is trying to figure out if Murray did get hurt, how do you identify how long he's gonna be out for," Mason said. "To me, you have to have a plan going into it. You know, we'll figure out something before, so it doesn't jump up and surprise us all."

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.