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Georgia Tech Vs. Virginia Tech: Synjyn Days Continues To Split Time at A-Back and Quarterback

Georgia Tech quarterback Synjyn Days continues to sit behind starter Tevin Washington on the depth chart, but he also has been splitting his time at practice between A-Back and quarterback.

In an interview with Ken Suguira of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Days said that his practice time is divided almost equally between the two positions,

"It’s pretty much 50/50. If I’m not in at quarterback, I’m in at A-back, so I’m getting my conditioning during actual practice."

Days is confident at either position, and says he has no problems with the blocking schemes at A-Back.

Days also said that he is working on special teams as a kickoff returner, but because of his unique position on the depth chart will only be used in emergencies,

"Just for, I guess, if somehow everybody on the team gets hurt, they’ll put me back there. I pray to God that doesn’t happen."

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.