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Georgia Tech's New Helmets To Have 'GT' Logo, Will Not Be A Regular Thing

It's still unclear if the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets will be wearing their alternate helmet design when they take on the Virginia Tech Hokies on Monday, but at least there's some new information out there about them. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution clarified some things about the helmets. For one, the "GT" logo will be added to the helmet prior to it being used in the game, and the Buzz logo is unlikely. This is due to the school trying to make the "GT" logo its primary mark.

On top of that, the helmet and uniform that accompanies it (provided it is, in fact, an alternate uniform) isn't likely to be used on a regular basis. Plus, if you were wondering, yellow jackets do, in fact, build nests with hexagonal cells, which was one issue raised by fans after the initial photo was leaked. So there's that.

At any rate, the piece has some interesting quotes from quarterback Tevin Washington regarding the use of alternate uniforms:

"There's really no downside to it. It's kind of the ‘in' thing now, and it's kind of the college football landscape. When you play in these games, you get cool stuff, you get cool uniforms. It's as much a fashion show as a football game."

There's more quotes regarding the alternates and how they're used as a big recruiting tool and it's very interesting stuff. For some back story, a couple players Tweeted a picture of the alternate helmet prior to the team wanting to actually show it off. This led to the whole team being banned from using Twitter by the coach (but not Facebook). It's still up in the air as to when the helmets will actually be used.

For updates on the game, stay tuned to SB Nation Atlanta. For more in-depth coverage on the upcoming game, visit Georgia Tech blog From The Rumble Seat as well as Virginia Tech blog Gobbler Country. For more news and notes from around NCAA football, head over to SB Nation's college football hub.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.