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Chipper Jones Retirement: Yes, Chipper Jones Is Still Going To Retire, Per Chipper

Chipper Jones is just having another typical Chipper Jones like season. The man is leading the Braves in batting average (.317), on-base percentage (.394) and slugging percentage (.513). He's still flashing that premium glove, he's still the clubhouse leader, and he's still the greybeard of the roster whose imminent retirement is still on the horizon a few months away.

Chipper's unfortunately not Brett Favre, and I can't decide if this is a good or a bad thing.

Courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chipper's definitely still retiring at the end of the season.

"I thought I was fully capable of doing what I'm doing. In fact, I told my agent [B.B. Abbott] in spring training. He told me, ‘You can't back-track on this [retirement decision]. If you've got 20 homers and you're hitting .300 and you've got 80 or 90 RBIs, you can't second-guess yourself.' And I said, well, I'm going to have those numbers, and I'm ready to leave. I'm ready to move on." -- Chipper Jones

Well alright then.

As far as I'm concerned, Larry Wayne Jones should be allowed to put on the Braves uniform for so long as he lives. Or until he can't hit .200 anymore. I don't know if I'd ever feel great about Chipper going Brett Favre on us with his teetering retirement, but I'm still not ready for him to not be a Brave.

Dammit, I want my Chipper and I need it now! Cue up my J.G. Wentworth commercial.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.