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Georgia Southern Football: Eagles Head Coach Talks About Potential FBS Jump

Georgia Southern football is slowly making plans for a FBS jump, according to their head coach.

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Georgia Southern head coach Jeff Monken is faced with an unusual task: having to explain away the rare Southern Conference loss for the Eagles. But Monken also admitted that plans are underway for Southern, a historic I-AA and FCS powerhouse, to join the FBS in the future.

Monken spoke with boosters and fans in Macon, Ga., following GSU's 23-21 upset loss at The Citadel on Saturday. According to, Monken mentioned that the GSU student body will vote on a $25 student fees increase to help up Paulson Stadium's capacity from 14,400 to at least 20,000. Following that, another fee hike could be approved to help fund the logistics of a move to the FBS.

"For us to be able to do that, we need the funds to do it," he said, then noting the rampant conference realignments. "What’s happening is, those (are) schools who separate themselves from everybody else, and right now, we’re everybody else.

"If we don’t get ourselves in position to be there with them, we’re going to be relegated to whatever the NCAA tells us we are."

The likeliest destinations for GSU are either the Sun Belt Conference or Conference USA. The Sun Belt is welcoming South Alabama this season, and two Texas schools -- Texas State and Texas-Arlington in 2013. Atlanta-based Georgia State will join in 2014.

Georgia Southern hold six national titles at the I-AA / FCS level, the most of any program in history.

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