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FAU Vs. Georgia: Freshman RT John Theus Struggles In Starting Role

Georgia freshman John Theus didn't get quarterback Aaron Murray killed in his first SEC start at right tackle. That's a big-picture positive to draw from Theus' debut, because, as reports, the details were ugly. Theus had three false starts and was one of a few linemen responsible for protection breaks that gave up sacks.

Still, the Georgia coaching staff didn't pull Theus, and expect him to grow into the role of being a starter after arriving on campus as a heavily hyped commit:

"He's still a baby," Bobo said. "So we don't expect him (right now) to go out there and be the dominant guy on the edge like we think he can be in the future. But if he continues to get better, I think he can be an elite player in this league."

Aiding the air of forgiveness around Theus is the final score: Georgia scored 41 points, most of them coming later in the game after making adjustments, and Theus and the O-line allowed three running backs to rush for 4.48 yards a carry. Theus acknowledged his need to improve after the game:

"It's definitely a relief when you win the game. If you don't play your best game and you win the game, it kind of takes it off a little bit," Theus said. "It'd be a lot more sour if we lost the game. So yeah, we won the game and I can focus on my mistakes and I can fix them. So it was good in that sense."

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