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Hutson Mason Redshirt Plan Still Up In The Air

Any potential injury to Georgia starting quarterback Aaron Murray could be devastating on a number of fronts for the program. Junior quarterback and logical backup Huston Mason elected to take a redshirt this season so that he could finish one year later than Murray (thus earning a starting gig even if Murray plays through his senior season). However, without Mason, the backup duties fall to redshirt freshman Christian LeMay.

LeMay was shaky in a clean-up duty against FAU on Saturday, most notably when he threw a pick-six. Therefore the decision on Mason's redshirt will be a situational one - Mason told reporters that if Murray were to go down early in a game or go down for a number of games, he'd likely burn his redshirt.

Mason's assessment of LeMay, a quarterback he needs to improve rapidly if Mason ever wants to start a full season, is downright glorious (courtesy of

Mason said he tried to give LeMay some moral support on Monday, citing a scene from Will Ferrell's basketball movie "Semi Pro."

"He's in the wrestling ring, wrestling with the bear, right, and the bear gets loose, and he's like: 'Panic! Everybody panic!' And I was like to LeMay: That's not what you wanna do, man," Mason said. "It's just stuff like that where you can keep him loose and get a laugh out of him. Because I mean, there's so much pressure on him, and it's just one game. I know he had nerves, and people are expecting a lot of things out of him. You know, he's gonna continue to work. He came in today, you could tell he was a little down, but the great ones just ignore the noise and keep coming back. And I feel positive that's what he's gonna do."


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