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Vanderbilt Vs. Georgia: Cornelius Washington Likes A 'Good Confrontation'

Georgia Bulldogs senior linebacker Cornelius Washington wasn't too happy about missing out on the heated exchange between Vanderbilt and Georgia players following last year's game at Vanderbilt.

Washington wasn't able to participate in the game, as he was serving a two-game suspension because of a DUI arrest.

Washington, however, told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that he likes a good confrontation, and wasn't happy to miss last year's skirmish.

"I like a good confrontation and that seems like one I would have enjoyed being a part of," the senior outside linebacker said Monday.

"I think it's something we do care about," he said of the contentious tone of last year's meeting. "It's a pride thing. It's a competitive thing. When somebody comes out and challenges you like that and you have those kinds of things go on, you go through the week with a little edge, a little chip on your shoulder. You go into the game trying to knock somebody's block off."

Washington will have his opportunity to bring that edge to the football field this Saturday, when Vanderbilt visits Georgia.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.