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Georgia Fans Make Documentary In Montana To Refute Sports Illustrated Columnist's Five-Year-Old Remark

Guess which conference's fans would take an idle critical remark from a national sportswriter, stew on it for five years and then go film a sociological experiment to disprove him? SECSECSECSECSEC (but you already knew that answer)...

So apparently back in 2007, Sports Illustrated's veteran college football writer (or noticeably young curmudgeon, take your pick) Stewart Mandel told readers he didn't think the Georgia "G," as seen on the helmets of the University of Georgia football team, were all that iconic.

Five years later (which is most certainly NOT SEC speed.... come on, y'all), neither side is entirely right or wrong, but one thing's for certain: the following video is just another in a long line of batdooky crazy clips proving the conference is undoubtedly iconic when it comes to irrational passion. (HT to Blutarsky):

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.