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Atlanta Falcons 'D-Block:' Peter Konz Bought Dairy Cows With His Signing Bonus, For Grandmother

If you aren't watching the Atlanta Falcons' weekly talk show "D-Block" - hosted by the team's linebackers - you missed the following this week alone:

1. Rookie offensive lineman and former Wisconsin Badger Peter Konz' first purchase(s) after signing his contract were dairy cows for his grandmother's farm, because grandma loves cows. SHOUT OUT TO GRANNY ANNIE.

2. Konz' mentor, veteran center and LSU product Todd McClure, raises steer.

3. Konz was nine years old when McClure and "D-Block" host Mike Peterson entered the NFL in 1999. Therefore, it's possible Todd McClure is Konz's father.

4. Konz is yet to earn a nickname in the locker room (McClure, a Baton Rogue, La. native, is called "Mud"). The "D-Block" cast humbly suggests "Big Dairy," and we here at SB Nation Atlanta approve.

5. "D-Block" now features an expressionless mystery member – a gentleman in sunglasses with a No. 50 jersey (there's no No. 50 on the Falcons roster).

6. Konz demonstrates his interpretation of the Dirty Bird dance, something he promises to debut if he ever scores a touchdown. His demonstration is met with ... gracious criticism from "D-Block."

We don't know what else you people need. This is infinitely better than all ESPN programming.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.