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Panthers vs. Falcons: Matt Ryan's offense has started fast but finished slow

The Atlanta Falcons have scored a touchdown on all three of their opening drives so far, but have found the fourth quarter a little slow.

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

The Atlanta Falcons have won their first three games in a variety of ways, but the unifying trait has been strong opening drives. The Falcons scored touchdowns on their opening drives at San Diego and Kansas City, and thanks to an interception return, began their first drive – another touchdown – against the Broncos with only three yards ahead of them.

Quarterback Matt Ryan talked on Wednesday from the Falcons' locker room about the early game successes, and how they help create a tempo and tone:

"I think [it's] good execution coming out of the gate. (OC) Dirk’s (Koetter) done a good job of calling the plays and getting us prepared for those situations. That’s one thing we’ve done well. There are other areas where we haven’t been as efficient as we need to be. For us, the focus this week is to try and improve in those areas."

One of those areas lacking efficiency the last two weeks is late-game scoring. The Falcons have scored only 14 second-half points in the last two games and almost let Denver pull off a comeback with a 14-0 fourth quarter.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.