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Georgia Tech Vs. Virginia Tech Reaction: Sunday Morning QB Breaks Down The Game

If you were a casual fan watching Monday night's game between Georgia Tech and Virginia Tech, you might not have made it all the way through the end of the game -- which is a shame, given the end of the game is where all the action occurred.

This sentiment is echoed and expressed in much more detail by the folks over at Sunday Morning Quarterback, one of SB Nation's college football blogs.

It was not a serene evening in the homes of David Romer disciples and other enemies of the punt: Not only did the offenses combine for a stupefying 13 punts between them, but six of those punts were launched inside of opposing territory. Most egregious: A Virginia Tech punt from the Georgia Tech 34 in the second quarter that netted a whopping 14 yards following the inevitable touchback. So worth it!

Frank Beamer and Paul Johnson always drive just below the speed limit and have all their money in mutual funds.

So it is all too appropriate that the real drama of the night was the product of a pair of do-or-die fourth-down plays in the final two minutes of the fourth quarter.

There's an excellent breakdown of all the action of Monday night's game, but Matt Hinton over at Sunday Morning Quarterback also takes a look ahead into the future of both teams:

That swing for Washington - from regulation hero to overtime goat in a matter of minutes - could ultimately mean the difference in a conference championship and a bid to the Russell Athletic Bowl. Since the ACC split into two divisions in 2005, all seven Coastal Division titles have come through the winner of Georgia Tech-Virginia Tech, and the Yellow Jackets and Hokies' remaining conference schedules are identical with one notable exception: Georgia Tech gets Maryland from the Atlantic Division, Virginia Tech gets Florida State. But with the head-to-head tiebreaker in its pocket, Virginia Tech has also bought itself a little breathing room to afford a loss without automatically ceding the top of the standings.

Be sure to head over to Sunday Morning Quarterback to check out the rest of the breakdown.

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