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Falcons Vs. Chiefs: Depth Chart Short On Surprises

There were few surprises in the Falcons depth chart for Week 1.


In preparation for Sunday's game the Atlanta Falcons have released their first depth chart of the regular season. Most of the positions were finalized during training camp, but there were a few up for grabs, and these are what we're focusing on today.

Backup Quarterback

What started this off-season as a battle between Chris Redman and John Parker Wilson changed completely when undrafted free agent Dominique Davis joined the fold. Once seen as a fringe player at best, Davis played his way into competition and made a legitimate case to become the Falcons backup QB. Ultimately, Atlanta went in a different direction as they signed Luke McCown shortly before preseason ended, and now McCown, familiar with Dirk Koetter's offense has won the job as the backup.

Right Guard

The football Gods smiled on the Atlanta Falcons when Peter Konz, the best center in the 2012 draft fell to their laps in the second round. Konz represented a future option at center, and an eventual replacement for Todd McClure, but out of the gates the Falcons chose to move him to offensive guard, in an attempt to solidify the offensive line with his talent out of the gate. Despite this, it appears fans will need to wait a little longer to see the powerful Wisconsin OL, as the Falcons are electing to start Garrett Reynolds at RG for the time being. Reynolds regains a job he lost last year, and while this is likely a temporary move while Konz maturates, for now he's your RG.

Slot Receiver

A five reception, 98 yard preseason cemented the unlikely Kevin Cone as the Falcons' third WR for the 2012 season, beating out incumbent veteran Harry Douglas. In reality it's likely both players will split time, but by virtue of him being listed behind Roddy White it's testament to how highly the coaching staff think of Cone.


Other than these somewhat surprising moves, the Atlanta Falcons retain more or less the same lineup we saw during the preseason. In time it's likely Asante Samuel will move into the starting role, but for now he'll be the nickel. These depth chart moves are subject to change, but for now it looks like the roster is set and the Falcons now await the Kansas City Chiefs in week one.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.