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Presbyterian Vs. Georgia Tech: Game Together At Last Minute

As you might suspect, there's a good story behind how an FCS school named "Presbyterian" came to be on Georgia Tech's 2012 football schedule.

The problem began when ESPN demanded that the Yellow Jackets game against Virginia Tech be played on Labor Day. Paul Johnson didn't want to do it, but when a TV network is writing multi-billion dollar checks, it tends to get its way.

That decision began a long chain reaction, which Ken Sugira of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution outlines here.

Georgia Tech didn't want to play Middle Tennessee State on a short week, so they moved that game to Sept. 29. But with their original opening week FCS opponent (Southeastern Louisiana) playing Missouri instead, Yellow Jackets associate AD Sam Banford had to burn up the phone lines for weeks last year to find a replacement.

After hundreds of phone calls, he finally found a school willing to move their schedule around for $400,000. The end result may not be the most entertaining game in the world, but Georgia Tech is almost certain to be 1-1 at this time next week.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.