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Presbyterian Vs. Georgia Tech Reaction: Vad Lee Looked 'Really Good'

SB Nation's Georgia Tech blog From the Rumble Seat has reaction from Saturday's win against Presbyterian, and we can also report that LilBroey700 was not hungover this morning. Actually, he ended up providing analysis in the reaction link.

This, on Vad Lee:

Vad Lee looked REALLY good. Kid made some great throws and runs. If anything his biggest struggle was making the right reads on the triple option. But the things he can do with the ball in his hands are really impressive. (Fun fact: His 79-yard run was the longest in Georgia Tech history that didn't go for a touchdown. Also, his 82-yard TD pass to Jeff Greene was the sixth-longest pass in Tech history.) I'm really excited to see him grow into an incredible player for this team.

Another issue raised was the vanilla play calling:

Aside from a little more passing than we're used to, I remember only one or two plays being run from the pistol, and nothing special out of the base set being called. For those looking for bells and whistles from our offense this year, you've yet to see it. Here's to hoping we see some more creativity.

For more information on the Yellow Jackets, check out the SB Nation blog From The Rumble Seat. For more news, notes and information on college football, check out SB Nation's College Football Hub Page.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.