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Aaron Murray's return means Hutson Mason must wait another year for Georgia

Aaron Murray's return to the Bulldogs in 2013 will give Georgia a problem that most NCAA programs wish they had: having to sit a talented backup.

Scott Cunningham

Now that Aaron Murray has made the announcement that he will be returning to UGA for his senior season, the Georgia Bulldogs have a problem, even if it could be considered a good problem to have. After worrying about depth at the quarterback position for years, the Bulldogs will finally have what could be considered too many quarterbacks.

Murray will obviously come into the 2013 season as the starter, but where does that leave backup Hutson Mason, who was a redshirt junior in the 2012 season in expectation that Murray would go pro in 2013 and he would be the starter. He made that move so he would not have to transfer. Now that Murray is coming back to UGA for another season, though, Hutson will only have the 2014 season to be the starter.

Then the Bulldogs have Christian LeMay, who will be a redshirt sophomore in 2013. LeMay has not signaled that he would like to transfer, though The Telegraph's Seth Emerson believes that he may have been waiting to see what Murray decided to do.

LeMay has not indicated any plans to transfer. He could have been waiting to see what Murray did. But it also matters that his brother Uriah, a receiver, is set to sign with Georgia and join the team for next season.

And then there is Brice Ramsey, a four-star recruit who will likely be redshirted this season. According to Emerson, Ramsey is likely to be named the quarterback of the future after both Murray and Mason are gone. Finally, there is Faton Bauta, who was also redshirted in the 2012 season. Bauta has the build and athletic ability to play any position on the field other than offensive or defensive line, but head coach Mark Richt has insisted that he remain at quarterback. That could change with Murray's return and the fact that there are four quarterbacks waiting for their chance to play, though.

While having so many talented quarterbacks on the roster that it's hard to choose who will be the third string signal caller is a good problem to have, keeping all of those quarterbacks happy could prove to be difficult. Murray's decision to return for his senior season is obviously welcome by the Bulldogs coaches and players, but it could make for an unhappy backup situation down the road in 2012 and could even lead to a transfer or two.

It will be interesting to see if Richt and the rest of the Bulldogs coaching staff can keep everyone happy with their roles in 2013.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.