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Super Bowl ads 2013: GoDaddy releases second commercial

GoDaddy has their second Super Bowl commercial out now. Will this be the one that finally tells us what they sell?

Christian Petersen

Domain website is notorious for their bizarre Super Bowl commercials, usually featuring Danica Patrick. These ads are particularly notable for teasing "TOO HOT FOR TV" extras on their site, which are about as scandalous as an "Unrated Cut" DVD adding two seconds of footage.

This year, they have two commercials planned. We showed you one they released earlier, and they now have their second one out:

Well then. I haven't seen a makeout that uncomfortable since high school prom. At least there's no "GO TO OUR WEBSITE PLEASE" plea for attention at the end.

In movie trailer news, Paramount released their 30-second spot for World War Z, an adaptation of the zombie anthology starring Brad Pitt. Or at least I think there are zombies in this one, unless that crude CGI human wave is supposed to be zombies. I'm also not seeing any new footage--seriously, it's just the first trailer cut down to 30 seconds.

In any case, I think it will be just fine and can understand why Paramount isn't trying too hard to sell this. It's not like the film was delayed nearly a whole year and had massive reshoots at the last second--oooohhhhh.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.