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2013 NFL Mock Draft: ESPN's McShay pegs Jamar Taylor for Falcons

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Atlanta has added several key veterans in the offseason, but still has holes to fill. Is a rising cornerback the answer for them in the first round?


The Atlanta Falcons had a successful season in 2012, winning a playoff game and nearly reaching the Super Bowl after a close defeat to the San Francisco 49ers. However, for a good team they still looked like they might have several key holes to fill thanks to some departing veterans. They have filled some of those holes, but could still go a few different directions when they pick 30th in the draft on April 25.

It looked as though they might have to replace tight end Tony Gonzalez, but he decided to come back for one more year. It looked as though they would need to replace defensive end John Abraham, and they still probably do, but they have Osi Umenyora for now. Same goes for running back Michael Turner, now replaced with Steven Jackson. There are several different directions they could go, but one of the key pieces that has not been replaced is cornerback Dunta Robinson. Atlanta gave up the fewest touchdown passes last year, but finished 23rd in passing yardage allowed, so it could make sense to see them draft a corner early.

ESPN's Todd McShay released his mock draft on Wednesday and projected CB Jamar Taylor out of Boise State:

Taylor would fill one of the few needs the Falcons have at this point. He is an underrated corner who fits their scheme with his ability to play both man and zone coverage.

Taylor has not been seen in the first round of a lot of mock drafts up to this point, but now is when names can start sliding up and down dramatically based on what experts are "hearing." It now appears that they could be hearing Taylor to the Falcons.

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