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Billy Wagner Removed From Playoff Roster

The Braves were unsure if they would remove Billy Wagner, who injured his oblique during Friday’s victory, from the playoff roster, but the decision has finally been made. Wagner was removed from the roster, making him ineligible for the NLCS. The only time Billy Wagner can ever pitch again is in the World Series, yet another reason for the Braves to step up.

On a better side of things, Takashi Saito was added to replace him. Saito had an impressive season, but the Braves could turn to Craig Kimbrel or Jonny Venters to close. Personally, Saito closing is probably the wisest decision. It is often that you need your middle relievers more than your closer in a playoff game, and the Kimbrel and Venters combination have been better this season. Keeping them flexible, in terms of when they will enter the game, is vital.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.