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Braves-Giants NLDS Game 4 Update: Derek Lowe Is Done

The seventh inning was not kind to Derek Lowe. After quickly retiring Sanchez to get things started, his control suffered as he followed with a walk to Aubrey Huff. Buster Posey followed up by benefitting from Troy Glaus’ lack of range at third, hitting a soft dribbler up the line that Glaus could barely field, and left him no chance of throwing Posey out at first despite his lack of speed.

Following a quick conference on the mound, Bobby left Lowe on the mound to face Pat Burrel, but Lowe’s control appeared to have been shot, and his 101st pitch of the night was inside to Pat the Bat, walking him to load the bases. Derek Lowe was met with raucous applause as he headed toward the dugout as Moylan came in to replace him.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.