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Atlanta Braves Make More Coaching Changes

In addition to signing Fredi Gonzalez as the new head coach, the Braves have made a number of other coaching moves as well. Here's an excerpt taken from Talking Chop.

Terry Pendleton will be retained, but will become the first base coach and infield instructor. Carlos Tosca will follow Fre-Go from Florida to Atlanta and become the Braves new bench coach. Chino Cadahia and Glenn Hubbard will not be retained.

The Pendleton move is my favorite, while the Hubbard loss will hurt the most, in my opinion. It's good to see Pendleton accepting a demotion, despite wanting a shot to manage a club. Pendleton was far from a great hitting coach, so his move to first should allow the Braves to get another respectable hitting mind in their clubhouse. Tosca has been a coach since 1978, so he has more experience than you could ask for.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.