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Braves-Giants NLDS: Cross-Blog Thoughts On Jason Heyward, Bobby Cox, Brandon Beachy, And More

SB Nation's McCovey Chronicles talks NLDS with our very own Talking Chop:

1. Other than being an absolute monster who is a historical anomaly by virtue of being so young and so good, what's the big deal with Jason Heyward?
Jay-Hey wears really cool shades, that has a lot to do with it. Lately in American sports, Football gets the best and biggest athletes. Heyward was kept from football by his parents and kept from all the dings and dents that sport bestows upon its players. Heyward is like Jeff Francoeur, but with actual baseball talent and one-tenth the ego. Heyward is an amazingly patient hitter, which led to him being fourth in the National League in on-base percentage this year (amazing for a rookie). Sometimes he's too patient, but when he does swing he usually makes contact, hard contact. He's probably our best hitter, though he still has a lot to learn and room to grow.
7. What does the Bobby Cox retirement mean for this team? As a know-it-all blogger, what do you think of his in-game strategy?
During the regular season Bobby lets his players play. During the postseason Bobby micromanages every pitch of the ballgame. It seems at times he has out-thought himself and has over-managed certain situations, but that could just be because every move in the postseason is over-analyzed by us know-it-all bloggers.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.