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Jason Heyward Punk'd, Ravens Raving, And Auburn Can't Spell: Around The Perimter

Braves: A Pittsburgh sportswriter voted for two Pittsburgh Pirates for the Rookie of the Year award, leaving Jason Heyward off his ballot entirely. Sucks that bloggers take BlogPoll more seriously than some writers take these awards -- they're sort of meaningless, but MVPs and Cy Youngs and so forth are the kinds of things that can sufficiently pad an eventual Hall of Fame resume.


Falcons: The Baltimore Ravens have officially complained to the NFL about Roddy White's so-called pushoff on his game-winning touchdown reception. I like how the article linked to here says Roddy has "admitted" he pushed off. Actually, what he said was, "The guy tried to grab me so I pushed him," indicating the defender initiated the contact that White brushed off. Not Roddy's fault the cornerback can't keep his feet while fouling the receiver.


Dawgs: Journalism alert! Dawg Sports shares a photo from the Auburn Tigers basketball stadium of a plaque partially honoring Auburn's victory in their 100th football meeting with the Georgia Bulldogs. Problem? The winner of that game plays its home games several hours to to the east of Auburn, Alabama.


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.