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Atlanta Braves Fourth Outfielder Options According to MLBTR

MLB Trade Rumors has a post up on possible fourth outfielder options for the Braves, seeing as how that is one of the few items left on the agenda. But reading through the post, I get the feeling they aren't looking at it in the right way. They barely mention anything involving defensive ability for any of the players listed, yet that is what the Braves are most likely looking at for the position. They also mention whether every player is right handed, as though it is necessary. It would be nice to have the right-handed bat, but it is not the top priority here. Here's a rundown of those players listed:

Joe Mather - He will be a bench bat but not as a fourth outfielder with the intention of placing in center. The Braves probably did not look at him in that light when they claimed him.
Jordan Schafer - A definite possibility. He has the defense to do it, but the Braves may want to give him regular at bats in AAA with the hope of returning to form. It would be the smart thing to do.
Matt Young - The most logical at this point. His defense isn't what I am hoping for out of the position, but it's enough to get by. He would be my guess right now.
Beau Torbert - I don't know enough to guess, but by accounts he is up to 240 pounds. He may move well for that size, but it certainly doesn't spell center fielder with great range.
Scott Hairston - Good enough defensive numbers to get by in center, but they would do well to pass for an internal option.
Willie Bloomquist - Major pass.
Gary Matthews Jr. - Pass
Andruw Jones - Not the outfielder he once was. Not worth the price.
Lastings Milledge - Don't go near him.
Reed Johnson - Pass

The Braves were in talks for center fielders with not just good defense, but also upside in the box. However, those were young players that would have had a future in center once Nate McLouth left, and they were fliers to see what it would take. Those are rare and take a lot to acquire, and it's not something the Braves are necessarily targeting. They would do well to pick up a solid defensive outfielder who can play center, and nothing more. But it looks like their best bet is on the farm.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.