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MLB Winter Meetings: Braves Set To Begin Extension Talks With Dan Uggla, Seek Left-Handed Relief

There is not much to report since the last update regarding Braves rumors. However, the Mets were busy Tuesday afternoon cleaning up their roster, and former Braves were in the spotlight for much of the afternoon.

If you missed the previous update, according to Dan Connolly, the Orioles are out on Kenshin Kawakami.

David O'Brien reports that the Braves are set to begin extension talks with Dan Uggla. There were a couple reports between yesterday and today regarding this, but nothing definite as to when they would begin, and while O'Brien's story still does not give dates, it shows the Braves are serious about getting into this soon.

O'Brien tweets that the Braves have been in contact with at least three free agent left-handed relief pitchers, and Ron Mahay is thought to be one. Frank Wren has stated that he is looking for another lefty to replace Mike Dunn, but adding one is not a necessity. I see no problem with this, especially being in the NL East, as long as it does not cover a chunk of the remaining payroll. But considering Wren's stance, I do not see that happening.

The Mets signed Ronny Paulino and signed D.J. Carrasco. Paulino will provide some experience behind the plate, as well as the eight games left on his PED suspension. Carrasco gives them another bullpen arm in middle relief on a two-year deal. There were rumors of the Red Sox being interested in Carlos Beltran, but that was shot down.

The Nationals created a buzz with rumors of interest in Cliff Lee this morning, but it was shot down by afternoon. Also, the Nationals are out on Zack Greinke. While the interest level can change in a minute, it looks like the Nationals may have to shoot lower (and more realistically) for their pitching staff.

Jeff Francoeur and Matt Diaz were constantly mentioned during the meetings today. They both have several suitors, including the Phillies and Royals.

Update: According to Ken Rosenthal, the Pirates have signed Matt Diaz to a two-year deal. It is good to see Diaz get some security with two years, and with a team that will give him plenty of opportunities.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.