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MLB Winter Meetings: Atlanta Braves Leave With George Sherrill And Options for Kenshin Kawakami

Aside from the Boston Red Sox signings, the 2010 MLB Winter Meetings was an uneventful event. The Cliff Lee talks are ongoing, and it appears it is a race between the Yankees and Rangers, with both teams waiting on Lee's answer. Adrian Beltre remains on the market. For the Braves, they came in knowing they had little left to do, but came away with one reliever signed and a couple of possible options for Kenshin Kawakami.

Getting Kawakami's name off the roster was the main concern coming into this week, and while he is currently still a Brave, there are options available. The Pirates and Orioles are both in on the pitcher, and whoever is willing to take on more of his contract will probably be the frontrunner, though that is not certain. It is also known the Pirates are dealing with trying to move Paul Maholm, and a trade could follow a move of Maholm.

The Braves and Brewers had several discussions regarding Milwaukee's outfielders over the week. It began with Lorenzo Cain, who I suggested could prove to be a smart move at the right price. However, it is likely the Brewers were asking too much for him. Carlos Gomez's name also came up, but it is not known how serious discussions involving him have been. It shows the Braves are looking at all possible options for the fourth outfielder, except for the fact that Tony Gwynn Jr. signed with the Dodgers for less than a million.

The Braves signed left-handed reliever George Sherrill to fill the role left by Mike Dunn. It could be a smart acquisition if he is used correctly in the bullpen, which would be only against left-handed batters. I outlined this here. It is not a big splash that makes headlines, but it is a sound move for the Braves.

It was reported that the Braves were set to begin extension talks with Dan Uggla. No dates were given and not much else was said, probably because the Braves keep a tight lip on such things.

Regarding former Braves, Matt Diaz signed a two-year deal with the Pirates. Jeff Francoeur and Melky Cabrera signed with the Royals.

Obviously, the end of the Winter Meetings does not mean the pace of rumors will change. The Braves will continue to work on Kawakami's trade and finding a fourth outfielder. From here on, however, they will do so from their Atlanta offices, not a hotel in Orlando.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.