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Preseason College Football Rankings, Brian McCann, And The MAC Hates The Falcons: Around The Perimeter

College football: Too soon for 2011 preseason rankings? No, it is not. Andy Hutchins has three SEC teams (LSU Tigers, Alabama Crimson Tide, and South Carolina Gamecocks) and one ACC team (Florida St. Seminoles) in his top 10. Minus their two best players, the Auburn Tigers are likely to face expectations similar to what they had coming into this year.


Braves: Beyond The Box Score suggests Atlanta Braves catcher Brian McCann might be the most underrated player at the position ever, as he's on pace to become a Hall of Famer. 


Falcons: Hustle Belt, our MAC community (we have a MAC community! That's how deep we roll), assigns itself rooting interests for the next round of the NFL playoffs. The Green Bay Packers have far more MAC players than do the Atlanta Falcons. The Birds only have Northern Illinois' Michael Turner, while the Pack have almost as many as the Bears-Seahawks and Patriots-Jets games combined. We have lost the Midwest. 


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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.