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FSU Recruiting, Ricky Rubio To The Heat?, And Michael Vick's New Gig: Around The Perimeter

ACC: It's no secret that the Florida St. Seminoles are tearing it up in football recruiting this year, ranking behind only the Alabama Crimson Tide and Texas Longhorns according to Rivals. But the crazy part is they only seem to be picking up momentum. At least they're doing it without raiding Georgia -- the Noles have only two commits from the Peach State at the moment. The Clemson Tigers and North Carolina Tar Heels are the only other ACC teams in the top 25. And yes, that matters.

NBA Southeast Division: Ricky Rubio to the Miami Heat ... let us consider the possibility. How do we feel about that?

National League: The Pittsburgh Pirates are increasing ticket prices, which will obviously all go to paying for that performance by Train. Just discovered the other day that that "Hey Mr. Soul Sister" song is by a band named Train. While it is unbearable, it cannot have been performed by the same band that delivered that "Drops Of Jupiter" song like 40 years ago. These songs reside at opposite ends of the #queefcore spectrum.

Georgia State: Why was Georgia St. Panthers head coach Bill Curry giving an interview on St. Louis radio? Who knows, but any time you have a chance to listen to Curry's souful stylings you don't ask questions, you just start drinking a Coca-Cola from a glass bottle and taking pride in excellent lawn care.

Falcons: Did you know Mike Smith is the NFL's only head coach who doesn't have an agent? He's up for a contract extension at the moment, too. Also, Michael Vick has landed his first endorsement deal since leaving Atlanta, as long as we don't count that car dealership thing.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.