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Tommy Hanson's Workload Analyzed In Set Of Hanson Links

Yesterday appeared to be Craig Kimbrel Day in the blogging community. Between last night and this morning, it appears to be Tommy Hanson Day. Keep the Braves-related blog posts coming, people.


Capitol Avenue Club wrote a piece on Hanson's workload, using Craig Wright's work on pitch counts from The Hardball Times Annual 2011. I have been wanting to see a post analyzing Hanson's workload for a while, and Peter came through with this great work. He gives stats showing how the Braves have handled him so far in his young career, and gives step-by-step directions outlining how he should be handled going forward.


Hanson has been used very well since his debut, as the Braves have certainly taken the cautious approach to his young arm. As he enters his age 25 season, we should be seeing a few more longer starts and maybe more innings total. You never know about pitchers and their health, but Hanson's perfect record so far is great to see for a change.


The other post is from R.J. Anderson at FanGraphs. He compares Hanson's numbers since his debut to the Phillies front four, which may surprise quite a few, but it shouldn't surprise anyone who watches Hanson pitch every five days. Once again, it comes down to an Atlanta player flying under the radar and not receiving the publicity he deserves. The casual fan doesn't realize how good Hanson really is or should continue to be. Lucky for us, we get to see it every fifth day.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.