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Charlie Weis, John Schuerholz, And Georgia's 7-6 Plaques: Around The Perimeter

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Dawgs: The Georgia Bulldogs handed out plaques to their seniors inscribed with 7-6, a record which the team did not in fact achieve. Central Florida Knights players found out, of course using Georgia's presumption of a seventh win as motivation. Assistant AD Claude Felton says Georgia does this pre-bowl plaque thing every year, and has done so for 14 years now. What a strange tradition.


Braves: Beyond The Box Score charts the age of baseball stadiums over time, and it's much cooler than I've made it sound. Witness the 1970s rush to crank out bland baseball fortresses to replace ancient cathedrals of sport, and then a lull until apparently 9/11 made everybody need new fields.


Dawgs again: Dawg Sports is delighted with the Florida Gators hire of Charlie Weis, since Todd Grantham is also a former NFL coach.


Braves again: Royals Review is studying up on how to further improve Atlanta Braves West by book-clubbin' John Schuerholz' book.


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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.