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Braves Extend Dan Uggla Five Years: Reactions And Other News

Dan Uggla's press conference announcing the five-year extension came today, and I posted my thoughts on the extension here. Let's follow that up with some links from the community in regards to the deal.

From the AJC, David O'Brien gives a recap of the press conference with quotes. Mark Bradley expresses his disgust for the trade, focusing on Uggla's poor defense adding to an already poor defense. Can't say I disagree with that, though having Freddie Freeman at first and no Melky Cabrera will help even things out some.

Mark Bowman writes on the extension, mentioning the fact that many see Uggla as a possible liability by the end of the contract. While 90% of people will only view Uggla's prior numbers and not take into account what five years could do to him, it's nice to see a mainstream writer at least acknowledge this.

Peter at Capitol Avenue Club analyzes the deal, stating that Uggla's major decline is inevitable, but when is the question. Here's to hoping it's not in the next five years.

Talking Chop does the deal, expressing disapproval. Martin Gandy feels the Braves bid against themselves, not getting any leeway in the negotiations. He also agrees that it could prove to be a bad deal by the end.

Joe Pawlikowski at FanGraphs wrote on the deal, saying it should prove to be a good one for the Braves. He feels Uggla should be able to move to another position with no problem as he ages, maintaining his value. He doesn't really mention anything about how he might age, though.

SB Nation reports the deal.

Chop-N-Change expresses their disapproval, giving the reason that he won't age well.

In other news:

David O'Brien gave some great quotes from Frank Wren following the presser, and Talking Chop recaps them. The short version: Chipper Jones looks good, they aren't content with just dumping Kenshin Kawakami and Jordan Schafer is the favorite for backup center fielder. The first one sounds good, the second is interesting because it sounds like they are fielding more offers for Kawakami than we think and the third doesn't sound that great to me because Schafer should be getting regular reps in the minors. Whew.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.