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MLB 2K11 Trailer, Matt Ryan Vs. Jake Long, And Marvin Shinn's Shine: Around The Perimeter

Braves: FanGraphs attempts to project Jason Heyward's career in the context of another player's, settling on something sort of like Jeff Bagwell, sort of like Ken Griffey Jr., and sort of like nobody ever. Also, the first MLB 2K11 trailer, briefly featuring Heyward and mostly showing off new graphics:

Falcons: Pro Football Reference discusses whether the Miami Dolphins made the right move by drafting left tackle Jake Long over Matt Ryan. An excellent read, and while Long is among the league's best players, I can't read his name without thinking of that one Robert Frost poem about the ocean yearning to destroy the shore:

Hawks: "A four-point play? They call it a Crawford." -- Hoopinion

SEC: Physician Nick Fairley has declared himself responsible for any and all injuries that may need to occur during the BCS National Championship Game, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs would like to waste critical personal resources during a prolonged national economic crisis, and Alabama Crimson Tide commit Marvin Shinn assumes you can't see all that illegal paper money if you're blinded by his shoes

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.