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Atlanta Braves Valued At Fourth Best Farm System In MLB

I better get these links up before I get buried under an inch of snow tonight. Included is a Braves poll, a minor league ranking and an interesting stat on a former Brave.


Talking Chop has a poll running asking for your favorite Brave. Simple enough. They will track the results and come up with the most popular current Brave. As is always the case with these polls, my bet is on Chipper Jones, with Brian McCann and Jason Heyward coming in behind. I get the feeling Heyward will take the top spot eventually.


Reds Minor Leagues has a chart ranking the value of the minor league systems in baseball based on John Sickels' rankings. The values are based on Victor Wang and Beyond the Box Score's research. It has the Braves and Indians almost deadlocked for third highest. It shows how unbalanced the Braves system is between positional and pitching prospects. The positional side is the second lowest of any in the top 10, yet the pitching side is the third highest of the top 10. The rankings also show how incredible the Royals system is, as if you needed a reminder.


ESPN's Stats & Info Blog has a post mentioning Adam LaRoche after his two-year deal with the Nationals. It has an interesting stat that I never would have guessed was true: LaRoche is one of three first basemen to have 20 homers and 25 doubles in each season since 2005, the other two being Albert Pujols and Mark Teixeira. As Mac Thomason of Braves Journal pointed out to me, the Braves should trade for Pujols to complete the set. I wouldn't mind.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.