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Mark Buehrle's Michael Vick Thing, Tito Horford, And College Hoops Misery: Around The Perimeter

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Football: Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle has an earnest opinion about former Atlanta Falcons QB Michael Vick. The baseball players wishes "something bad" would happen to Vick because of the crimes that Vick has already done jail time, lost $100 million, done federal jail time, lost endorsements, done federal jail time in Leavenworth, lost a job, DONE JAIL TIME, and lost the right to ever own a dog again over. Far be it from Falcons fans to defend Vick, but he's done his time. BY TIME WE MEAN JAIL TIME. 

Also, Georgia ranked second among all states per capita in college football recruits cranked out this season. I'd say there's enough talent here to support a few more college programs, wouldn't you?

Basketball: Speaking of lots of Peach State college programs, we have very many bad basketball teams. Jeff Schultz chronicles the damage.

Also, Al Horford's dad would like the Atlanta Hawks to arrange it so Horford can, you know, play the position he's supposed to play.

Also, Peachtree Hoops on Jerry Sloan and Bobby Cox, plus Tom Ziller charts the number of coaches each NBA team had during Sloan's time as Utah Jazz boss.

Thrashers: Scott Burnside defends Atlanta Thrashers fans, a rare practice and one usually avoided in favor of OWAHH SPAHTS FANS AHH SUPERIAHH TO ATLANTA'S DUE TO OWAHH HOCKEY ATTENDANCE, NEVAHMIND COLLEGE FOOTBALL BECAUSE IT DOES NOT EXIST. I don't even know how to type "COLLEGE FOOTBALL" in Yankee, so that really fell apart towards the end.

This has been your daily-ish circling of the Atlanta sports blogosphere and more. If you have anything that belongs here next time, holler. To ride with us again tomorrow or so, follow @SBNAtlanta on Twitter.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.