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2011 Atlanta Braves Spring Training: TV And Radio Schedule For Spring Camp

The Atlanta Braves spring training broadcast schedule with TV and radio can be found here. Everyone loves a baseball game on the radio, especially during spring training when it's a little tougher to follow the games. Notable games on national TV:

3/3: vs. Tigers, 1:05 (ESPN)
3/6: at Nationals, 1:05 (MLB Network)
3/8: vs. Yankees, 1:05 (MLB Network, tape delay)
3/16: vs. Red Sox, 1:05 (ESPN)
3/17: vs. Nationals, 6:05 (MLB Network)
3/18: at Mets, 1:10 (MLB Network)
3/25: vs. Phillies, 1:05 (ESPN)
3/27: vs. Phillies, 1:05 (MLB Network)

Again, you can find the complete spring schedule here, which includes games on SportSouth and CSS.

And regular season games on national TV:

4/9: vs. Phillies, 1:10 (FOX)
4/16: vs. Mets, 4:10 (FOX)
4/23: at Giants, 1:10 (FOX)
4/30: vs. Cardinals, 1:10 (FOX)
5/8: at Phillies, 8:00 (ESPN)
5/28: vs. Reds, 7:10 (FOX)
5/29: vs. Reds, 8:00 (ESPN2)
6/18: vs. Rangers, 4:10 (FOX)
7/9: at Phillies, 4:10 (FOX)
7/23: at Reds, 4:10 (FOX)
8/27: at Mets, 4:10 (FOX)

That's a solid number of games for the Braves on national TV. They're always one of the most viewed teams in baseball during Spring Training due to their facility and the fact that broadcast teams probably want to go there. FOX gives the Braves a good number of games during the regular season, many of which come on Saturday at 1:10 instead of the usual 4:10. ESPN broadcasts are always subject to change. I would expect more as the season goes on.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.