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Of Course Alf Is A Panthers Fan, Chill Isaiah Crowell, And The Atlanta Braves Annual: Around The Perimeter

SUPER BOWL: More on that NFL fans Super Bowl XLV commercial, the one where Alf shows up as a Carolina Panthers fan. This has led many to wonder why Alf would root for cats, since he eats cats. But think about it -- you'd call yourself a fan of burgers, wouldn't you? And you eat burgers all the time.

Also, Jerry Jones' stadium, which managed to injure people, turn people away, provide people with terrible views, host the worst halftime performance ever, and leak, somehow failed to set a new attendance record. So, about that Super Bowl that Atlanta doesn't deserve to host ...


Braves: Talking Chop's editor, Martin Gandy, also took charge of the 2011 edition of Maple Street Press' Atlanta Braves annual, featuring writing by the best Braves bloggers, beat writers, and broadcasters. It's loaded with 128 pages of Braves writing -- no ads! -- for only $12 or $13 depending on how you play your cards.

Dawgs: EDSBS and LSUfreek attempt to concoct a situation in which chill Isaiah Crowell would appear even the slightest bit unchill. It cannot be done. My favorite:


Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.