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Luis Salazar Has Surgery Following Line Drive To The Face

Luis Salazar underwent surgery Wednesday night and was scheduled to have more today. According to Braves spokesman Brad Hainje, it may be another day or two before everything is known about Salazar's condition and exactly what they had to do.

Salazar was hit in the face by a fouled line drive off the bat of Brian McCann in Wednesday's Spring Training game against the Cardinals. He was immediately knocked out from the hit and landed face first on the dugout ground. The situation was so serious many at the game thought he had died, including Chipper Jones, who was standing at first base at the time, and Albert Pujols, who didn't want to even look at what was going on.

Salazar suffered multiple facial fractures, and he is still undergoing tests for damage to his left eye. It was already announced that he has no brain damage.

McCann left the game immediately after the at bat and went to the hospital to be with Salazar and his family. Salazar's son was at the game, and his wife was at the hotel. McCann was pretty shaken up by the situation and appears to still be. He plans to return to the lineup Friday.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.