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Signs Point Toward Brandon Beachy Over Mike Minor In Braves Rotation

Danny Knobler of CBSSports said the Braves are leaning toward putting Brandon Beachy in the rotation instead of Mike Minor. This pretty much goes against everything I've said all winter. So much for that.


The reasoning is that Beachy provides equal or more quality and value right now, while Minor could use more time in AAA to work on the curveball and command. I can see the point of Beachy providing equal value right now, but giving Minor a couple months in AAA to work on his stuff doesn't make much sense to me. Two months won't change his career. I think it's mainly an excuse to send him down.


Also something worth mentioning is this probably means Beachy is the expendable one once Julio Teheran and/or Randall Delgado is ready. This may have been obvious already, but the fact that the Braves are willing to send Minor down for a stretch while giving Beachy time in the majors now is a pretty good indication of this. I don't expect Beachy to be in the organization within a couple years. I do expect Minor to be a mainstay in the rotation within a couple years.


So I doubt this impacts the team in the short run. Beachy will likely give the Braves solid work from the fifth spot in the rotation for the time being. Even if he doesn't, there is always Minor waiting in AAA. Nice problem to have.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.