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Visiting The Atlanta Braves Regulars As Spring Training Nears The End

As much attention as Jason Heyward received last Spring Training, he has received that little this spring. It looks like everyone has already accepted his talents as normal and will accept nothing less from here on. That's what happens when you're good at what you do.

Spring Training stats mean nothing. Yes, I understand that. But I still want to go over some of the players not mentioned very often this spring just because they're regulars who don't receive Spring Training attention.

So I begin with Heyward, who seems to have already reached this level. Heyward is 14-38 with four doubles, one home run, five RBI, eight walks and 10 strikeouts. That's a .368 average and .510 OBP. He isn't getting the same attention as last season when he debuted, but he's still mashing like it's nothing.

Perhaps the most surprising, though it probably never should be, is Chipper Jones. Chipper has been in the spotlight for his recovery from knee surgery, and it seems like we haven't heard a peep from him about it for weeks now, which is very surprising to me. But Chipper has been the hottest hitter on the Braves this spring, hitting .407 with eight doubles, three home runs, 12 RBI, three walks and seven strikeouts. The best stat is he is fifth on the team with 54 at bats.

Brian McCann has been through a lot this spring, and a .200 average doesn't help. He is 10-50 with two doubles, one home run, six RBI, one walk and eight strikeouts.

Tim Hudson has mirrored his 2010 season this spring with three runs allowed in 20 innings, nine walks and 15 strikeouts, and a ton of groundouts. His sinker has been tremendous even though it is still early. That isn't exactly common.

Tommy Hanson has allowed two runs in 14 innings, walking one and striking out nine. His command has been very good this spring, and his breaking stuff looks sharp early. This is an important season for Hanson, and he looks good early.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.