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Braves Vs. Dodgers: Tim Hudson Suffers From BABIP In Atlanta Loss

Monday, April 18
(7-10) Atlanta Braves - 2
(8-9) Los Angeles Dodgers - 4

Box Score

Video Highlights

The BABIP Fairy Strikes Again:
Obviously, I don't mean to make excuses for the Braves. If you follow my Twitter, that would be plain to see. But I must point out the regression that is due the Braves eventually.

And while it is usually the offense that suffers from this, as a .260 BABIP shows, it was the pitching that did so this time. Tim Hudson allowed four runs on six hits in six innings, unintentionally walking one and striking out four. While the line doesn't look that great, he didn't pitch bad at all.

Hudson induced 11 ground balls, three fly balls and one line drive. Compare that to Ted Lilly's seven fly balls and three line drives, yet Lilly pitched seven shutout innings. The Braves had a .280 BABIP. The Dodgers had a .357 BABIP.

Take out a three-run first and one-run third and Hudson pitched perfectly over four innings. He allowed three ground ball singles and one line drive double along with a walk in the first inning. He gave up a fly ball single and ground ball single in the third inning.

So to say Hudson struggled - some even say again - is probably not the most accurate statement. Sinker ballers will have outings like this, and Hudson just happened to have two in a row. He will be fine. Too bad the Braves offense doesn't get these breaks more often.

Stat of the Day:
Braves pinch hitters and pitchers are still hitless for the season.

The Game Changer:
Two-run single by James Loney in the first put the Dodgers ahead by three, worth .146 WPA.

WPA Winners:
(LAD) Ted Lilly: .240
(LAD) James Loney: .181
(LAD) Matt Kemp: .082

WPA Losers:
(ATL) Tim Hudson: -.235
(LAD) Andre Ethier: -.060
(ATL) Alex Gonzalez: -.058

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.