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Luis Salazar Is Throwing Out The Braves Home Opener First Pitch, Right?

Talking Chop has a poll up on whether Hank Aaron, Bobby Cox, or Luis Salazar will be the special mystery guest who throws out the first pitch in Friday night's Atlanta Braves home opener. While Cox's return to the Ted should be marked and appreciated, my money's on Salazar.

Even the most casual of Braves fans will recall Salazar as the minor league coach who was struck in the eye by an errant drive from the bat of Brian McCann in spring training. Though the coach lost his eye, he quickly returned to work. McCann plays catcher, meaning he's already set up for the exchange. Too perfect, and wouldn't that make an incredible story?

Besides, Cox threw out Gwinnett's first pitch Thursday night.

Though Aaron threw last year's first pitch in a torch-passing of sorts to young Jason Heyward, the opener's date marks the 37th anniversary of the all-time home run king's 715th swat. That number does not seem round enough to merit a consecutive opening-day pitch ... not that Aaron shouldn't be able to do just about anything he wants within Turner Field and its immediate vicinity, but let's shoot for round numbers just to make it special.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.