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Jason Heyward's Shoulder Injury Not Serious, Thursday MRI Reveals

Jason Heyward's shoulder injury, which has bothered him for much of the season and caused him to miss most of the ongoing Washington Nationals series, does not involve a tear or any structural damage, a Thursday MRI showed. Good news -- this means the team can avoid placing him on the disabled list and can instead check on him daily.

Heyward also underwent a cortisone shot, all of which could prevent him from playing in this weekend's series against the Philadelphia Phillies. The Atlanta Braves have dropped two contests to the Nats since Heyward's troubles began. He'll be available in the meantime as a pinch runner, but cannot bat or field.

Heyward himself says he'll have another cortisone shot, taking two full days off before further evaluating his condition, with general manager Frank Wren saying Heyward's playing status will be based on how he feels.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.