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VIDEOS: Ludacris' Concert After Braves Game Makes Drunk Guy Jump Up And Down A Lot

Ludacris and friends performed at Turner Field's second base after Saturday's Atlanta Braves win over the Philadelphia Phillies. Everybody seemed to have fun. Here are videos of that happening; the first two are OK, but the third is outstanding.

From the first base line, DJ KHALED PLEASE SAY THE ALL CAPS shows up for "All I Do Is Win" of Brian McCann fame to the delight of facepaint kid:

From behind home plate, here are parts of the tremendous "Southern Fried" and tragic "Number One Spot," but, again, please stick around for the third video after that one, because it's awesome:

And here's the best one of all. Way up top, "Move, Bitch" finds an extremely receptive audience, including a guy you're disappointed to discover won't just jump up and down for the entire duration of the song:

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.