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Braves Donate $100,000 To Southeastern Tornado Relief, Welcome Donations At Turner Field

As always, you can donate to the Red Cross' Birmingham chapter to help Alabama recover from last week's tornadoes, along with the many local charities listed at Roll Bama Roll or the Salvation Army. The Atlanta Braves opted for the latter, donating $100,000 for Southeastern storm relief.

They're also setting up Turner Field and the home parks of their many minor league affiliates as drop-off points for item donations -- baby products, toiletries and so forth.

It's been easy to forget, even living in tornado-affected Georgia, that this disaster didn't just strike Alabama. While our neighbors to the west bear the heaviest load, it's made life harder for people all throughout the area known in baseball terms as Braves Country. As the Braves function as the MLB team of choice for most of the Southeast, it's entirely appropriate for them to do everything they can to help throughout their turf.

For more on tornado relief efforts and ways to help, check Roll Bama Roll's daily updates.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.