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Brewers Vs. Braves: Atlanta Goes For Four-Game Sweep As Two Hot Pitchers Face Off

A day after sweeping a doubleheader at Turner Field, the Braves come back to attempt another sweep as they go for four straight over the Brewers. Game time is 7:10 on Peachtree TV and Fox Sports South.

Brewers Lineup:
1. Rickie Weeks, 2B
2. Nyjer Morgan, CF
3. Ryan Braun, LF
4. Prince Fielder, 1B
5. Casey McGehee, 3B
6. Yuniesky Betancourt, SS
7. Corey Hart, RF
8. Jonathan Lucroy, C
9. Shaun Marcum, SP

Braves Lineup:
1. Martin Prado, LF
2. Jason Heyward, RF
3. Chipper Jones, 3B
4. Brian McCann, C
5. Dan Uggla, 2B
6. Eric Hinske, 1B
7. Nate McLouth, CF
8. Brandon Hicks, SS
9. Brandon Beachy, SP

Shaun Marcum (36.2 IP, 2.21 ERA, 3.09 FIP, 3.56 xFIP, 2.7 BB/9, 8.35 K/9, 33 GB%, 13 SwStr%)
(30.1 FB%, 29.6 CH%, 15.7 CT%, 13 CB%, 11.6 SL%; 42.4 Swing%, 68.2 Contact%)
Brandon Beachy (36.1 IP, 3.47 ERA, 3.42 FIP, 3.60 xFIP, 2.48 BB/9, 8.92 K/9, 27.7 GB%, 9.8 SwStr%)
(62.9 FB%, 17.3 SL%, 11 CB%, 8.8 CH%; 46.3 Swing%, 78 Contact%)

Marcum is having an odd season so far. He is throwing almost an equal number of fastballs and changeups, which is something you rarely see ever. But he's working with it well, seeing an increase in strikeouts and whiffs. He's also benefiting from a .250 BABIP, and his ground ball rate is extremely low. Marcum pitched seven shutout innings on three hits against the Astros last time out. He gave up two runs in six innings against the Braves earlier this season.

Beachy had a third straight solid start for the Braves last time out, allowing two runs on three hits in seven innings against the Cardinals. He has allowed just four runs with three walks and 19 strikeouts in his last 19 innings. Beachy allowed one run on four hits against the Brewers in his season debut, walking one and striking out seven.

Opposing Numbers:
The Braves have done next to nothing against Marcum. Eric Hinske is 1-9 with two walks. Martin Prado has the only two RBIs. In fact, the only Brave with more than one hit against Marcum is Derek Lowe. Yeah.

Nyjer Morgan is 1-3 with one RBI against Beachy. Yuniesky Betancourt is 2-3 with a double. Rickie Weeks is 2-3 with a home run. Otherwise, Beachy has pitched well against Brewers hitters.

What to Look For:
After taking three straight from the Brewers, a fourth win and series sweep would be just gravy. Both pitchers are throwing strong right now, so it should be a tight battle.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.