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Jason Heyward In 6/15 Lineup Vs. Mets, Batting Seventh

After a long absence that included a stop in Gwinnett, Jason Heyward will officially return to the Atlanta Braves lineup Wednesday night against the New York MetsHe's slated to bat seventh between Alex Gonzalez and Joe Mather. Fredi Gonzalez evidently still feels his star needs to be worked back in with minimal pressure.

Heyward was expected to prove himself ready to return by taking some cuts and doing some running at Turner Field before the game, so it sounds like all that's out of the way.

Atlanta's right fielder hasn't taken an at bat since May 19, playing only three complete games since May 10. His shoulder injury became a point of contention in June, as Chipper Jones sort of called out Heyward but sort of said he didn't but sort of pretty much did. The team will gladly accept whatever Heyward it can get, as that outburst of power in Houston isn't likely to sustain itself without his bat.

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Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.