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Blue Jays Vs. Braves: Chipper Jones Returns, Atlanta's Lineup For Tuesday Improves

Injuries have slowed down this club all month, but it appears the Braves finally have a pretty good looking lineup. Martin Prado is still out, but Chipper Jones is back and so is Nate McLouth.


Jordan Schafer - CF
Jason Heyward - RF
Chipper Jones - 3B
Brian McCann - C
Freddie Freeman - 1B
Dan Uggla - 2B
Alex Gonzalez - SS
Nate McLouth - CF
Mike Minor - SP


OK, so it's not great, but I'll take it. Dan Uggla has at least looked competent at the plate the last few weeks and Jason Heyward has impressed since coming off the disabled list. Chipper Jones reportedly didn't feel any pain after taking batting practice on Monday and his impact on the lineup is absolutely huge. With him, we have the lineup of a playoff contender, even without Martin Prado. Without Chipper, well, it can get pretty ugly with Diory Hernandez or Brooks Conrad out there for all nine innings.


Tonight's game is at 7:10 and Mike Minor will face off against Zach Stewart. It'll be broadcasted on PeachTree TV if you're in the Atlanta area, Fox Sports South if you're not. The game is also on MLB Network, but it's competing with the Yankees/Reds game.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.