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Miami Marlins To Open $515 Million Stadium On April 4, 2012

That the Florida Marlins are building a new stadium in Miami isn't news, nor is it a unique observation that nobody is actually going to visit the $515 million structure, as the Marlins again rank last in Major League Baseball in attendance, this time by 2,000 fans per game.

The Marlins currently play in a football stadium, and that sucks for them. And most of the money will come from tourist tax dollars and the team itself, instead of local tax.

It's also not news that the Florida Marlins are set to change their name to the Miami Marlins, which sounds like a retreat from Braves Country to me.

The news is that the stadium will open on April 4, 2012 against the St. Louis Cardinals, meaning this whole thing is all real, possibly down to the backstop aquariums.

The worst-attended team in the MLB, which has been beaten by the Atlanta Thrashers in attendance, is getting a stadium $150 million more expensive than the one constructed for those Cardinals five years ago. And the Cardinals have fans; Braves Country used to be Cards Country, in fact.

Just step back and look at it, like you didn't know until today that it was happening.

Photographs by coka_koehler used in background montage under Creative Commons. Thank you.